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in the West Midlands Synod of the URC
■ Blakenall
■ Broadway
■ Hatherton
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Hatherton URC Serving Elders
Church Secretary:
Andrea Maclaine-Walker

Susan Ganguly

Leslie Kiteley

Samah Ramsay

Samuel Ramsay
Selected other post holders
Christian Aid
Flower rota
Hiring of premises
Junior Church staff

Management Committee

Pulpit Supply
Town Centre Ministry

Sylvia Kiteley
Samah Ramsay
Sam & Lyn Ramsay
John Hutchcocks
John Baker, Angelica Gemes,
Pat Houslin, Glenys Reid,
Andrea Walker
John Baker, Susan Ganguly,
John Hutchcocks, Sylvia Kiteley, Janet Lynch,
Gladys Walker,
Minister & Treasurer ex officio
John Baker
 Rosemary Wood
Samah Ramsay
Andrea Walker
Susan Ganguly, Sylvia Kiteley

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